Here is a list of members, a little about them, and contact info. You may contact the artists below for professional inquiry, purchasing information, and gallery opportunities. You may not use any of the images below for any use without the artists consent.

Kenzie Lynn: (Painting, Drawing)
“My name is Kenzie Lynn, and I graduated with by BFA in December of 2014. In all of my work, I can see the influence of a long childhood escaping to the worlds of comics and graphic novels. Most of my work concentrates on abstracted design mingling with the human figure. Recently, I’ve been doing large-scale life-sized works on wood panel. I seek to create a world relatable to lost minds seeking refuge, escaping to a place where we see a part of our real selves in our fantasies.”
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Status: Currently looking to exhibit works for the upcoming 2016 Gallery Season as well as participating in events promoting artistic communities.

Stephanie Fenner: (Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media)
“My work serves as a visual diary through which I explore the overlap of my fantasies and reality. In my work I am hoping to convey the poeticism of romance, loss, and fleeting emotion. Presently, my work explores the emotional trauma one suffers in their twenties when a person realizes that what they thought was everlasting is over, and change is ever present. There is the overwhelming notion that everyone else knows what they’re doing with their life, and one is alone in their suffering. These moments, although momentary in reality, have a sense of permanence. The uncertainty of my own life seems solidified by the certainty of everyone else’s. It is in these insecurities that I wish to explore.”
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Matt Johnson: (Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media)
My work is an introspective analysis of personal identity, transformation, vices, obsessions, time, and a study of the sociocultural web I’ve found myself inside.”
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Morgaine Fambrough: (Screenprinting, Mixed Media)
“The intensity of an unsavory childhood and the surroundings I observed created the quiet, subliminal, occasionally comical narratives in my work. I translate these narratives into spaces that are static and layered. Much of my work consists of monoprints where I combine the methods of printmaking and drawing. I work with mixed medias in all of my work. I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in Printmaking and Drawing and a minor in Art History in April 2014.”
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Michael Pilon: (Photography, Drawing, Printmaking)

“Michael Pilon is a photographer and filmmaker with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University. In addition to photography, Michael has also worked in both drawing and printmaking. Much of his work revolves around landscapes, cityscapes, and humanity’s relationship with the world around them. Most recently, Michael and two other artists created and produced a seven episode horror-comedy anthology webseries, of which Michael wrote and directed two episodes. The series, Mistress Cemyra’s Sepulchre Cinema, debuted online and on a local cable channel in Fall 2014, and can be found at:

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Matthew Koegler: (Art Education, Fibers)

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Aaron Barton: (Photography)

“Aaron Barton is a Michigan based photographer and videographer who prides himself as a visual story teller have that be through videos or through pictures.
His refined skills are: Photography, Cinematography, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Multi-Media Production, and Creative Strategy. ”

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